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  1. Street Dance Clothing Gift Card

    GDG Gift Card

    Send a gift Card - Choose the value you wish to send as a gift and the lucky recipient can use the code to check out when they purchase from our store ! Learn More
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About Us

Street Dance Clothing, Urban and Hip Hop dance wear from Global Dance Gear (GDG). If Urban dance, Street dance, break dance or hip hop is your thing, then you’re in the right place because at GDG, our thing is providing you with a collection of inspirational urban, street, hip hop and break dance wear !

GDG is proud to be an official supplier of the SDI (Street Dance International) range of merchandise, so look out for us at their events throughout the country and come and say hello.We are extremely proud of our ‘Street’, Urban, Hip Hop and Break dance ranges which are packed with style to accompany your dance routine perfectly. If you have any queries or requests please don’t hesitate to Contact Us, we are here to help.